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Free Shipping Details

Shipping is included on all orders shipping via the standard ground method to addresses inside the contiguous USA only.  There's no limit to how many products you can order under the included shipping offer.

Shipping Lead Time

All orders usually ship out within 2-3 business days.  In fact, often times products are shipped out the same day the order is received.  However, please do add 2 business days to the shipping time for processing just in case it does take us a day or two to get it out. 

Shipping Time In Transit

1-7 business days (add 1-2 business days for processing lead time)

Shipment Tracking

Orders are processed and sent out within 2 business days of us receiving them.  You'll receive notification via email when your order is processed and again when your order is shipped.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or call our toll-free number 1-866-611-6370 and leave a message - someone will return your call shortly.

Return Policy

We strive to provide excellent products at low prices, along with outstanding customer service.  However, occasionally situations may arise that require special handling.  We have formed the below policies based on past experiences and these policies are in place to protect our company as well as the customers that shop with us.  We strictly adhere to these policies in order to streamline the process of dealing with issues and this allows us to keep our focus on customer service & to keep our prices as low as possible. 

Please note: There is a 25% restocking fee charged on all returned items and no refunds can be made after bags and stands have been used.

Please find your specific situation in the index below to determine how we handle that type of circumstance:




I have decided to return a product that I purchased within the last 30 days


When my product arrived it was damaged


When my product arrived it had manufacturer's defects


I refused delivery of my product because I decided after ordering I didn't need it


I decided to cancel my order after it had already shipped


I decided to cancel my order before it shipped


I provided the wrong shipping address


1. I have decided to return a product that I purchased within the last 30 days


If you would like to return a product for a refund or credit within our store it can be done only by following the guidelines within this policy.  If an item is returned without meeting the requirements within this policy, the item will be refused and sent back to the purchaser.  At that point no refund or credit will be issued, so it's vital that you follow the procedures listed here.  In order for us to be able to take an item back for a credit or refund, the following requirements must be met:

  • The product cannot be used

  • The product must be in perfect, resalable condition (if it's defective/damaged you must follow the procedures listed in section 2 or 3 to get the product into resalable condition before returning it)

  • An RMA number must be obtained prior to returning the product (instructions on obtaining an RMA are covered later on in this policy)

  • You must request an RMA number (by following the procedures below) within 30 days of the item's delivery date

  • You must have all the original packaging; the box(es), padding, manual, warranty card

If all of the above requirements are met, please contact us for an RMA Number and return shipment instructions.  In your RMA Number request email, please provide the name of the person that ordered the product, and the order number that was listed on the receipt.  Remember, if you declare that all these requirements are met and we find that to be untrue upon arrival of the product, it will be refused and returned back to you.


Once your product is received at our return center it will be inspected for 2 things; shipping damages, and to assure the above requirements were truly met before the product was shipped to us.  If the product passes inspection, you will be given the option of receiving an in-store credit for the full purchase price of the product, or you can choose a refund for the amount you paid (minus the actual amount we paid in shipping costs to originally send out the product plus the 25% restocking fee.)  We urge you to insure your product for the full purchase price when returning it to us, because if shipping damages occur you will need to file a claim in order to get fully reimbursed.  If the product is damaged, you will be issued the credit or refund described above (minus the cost of replacement parts needed to get the product back into resalable condition).  You'll then have to file a shipping insurance claim to get reimbursed for the amount we deducted for replacement parts.  If the product is destroyed by the shipping company, no refund or credit will be issued and you'll have to file a claim with the shipping company to get reimbursed for the destroyed item.

2. When my product arrived it was damaged... What should I do?

If your product is damaged upon delivery, please rest assured we will be quick to assist you in getting your product repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.  Some of our products are left at the requested delivery location without need of a signature at delivery time.  However, some of our products are shipped using methods that require a signature for complete delivery.  If the product requires signature for delivery & looks to be damaged upon first look, accept the package but note "damaged" next to your name when you sign for it.  Alternatively, have the driver note the damage and show you that he/she has noted it before they leave.  After you've accepted the package (or received it if no signature was required) open it up & attempt to set it up.  Keep all packaging materials (e.g. boxes, straps, packing) in case a damage claim needs to be filed - failure to do so could result in ineligibility for a shipping damage claim.  If we are unable to file a shipping damage claim due to the original packaging being discarded, replacement parts or a full replacement item may not be free of charge.  Once you have inspected the product, please note all damages before contacting us.  Customers who have received 1 or more damaged products can contact us directly with their findings.  Once we are aware of the damage to your product, we will have the manufacturer send out the needed replacement part(s) and if they choose to, initiate a shipping damage claim.  Assuming the procedures within this policy are followed, all replacement parts will be free of charge to the customer.

3. When I opened up my product it had defects... What should I do?

Offering products from reputable companies is important and that's why we strictly offer the top brand names available.  If you find a defect on your product, please carefully inspect the entire product and make a detailed list of the issues.  Customers that have received 1 or more defective items can contact us directly with their findings.  We will immediately notify the manufacturer so a replacement part (or full product replacement) can be sent out.  As long as the item is a true defect & not damage done by the customer, the manufacturers we work with will quickly resolve the problem by any means necessary.  If a product is damaged (not a manufacturer's defect) upon opening it, please see Policy #2 above for information on how to handle that specific situation. Products found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion.

4. I refused delivery on a product because after I ordered it I decided I no longer needed it... How is this handled?

We highly recommend not doing this.  If you refuse delivery on a product (or multiple products) you will not be refunded shipping charges to your specified delivery location or back to us.  Additionally, items that go all the way to a customer, and then all the way back without being repackaged or re-secured are very likely to be damaged during the shipment back.  If the product is damaged upon return to us, the cost for replacement parts (or total replacement) will not be refunded.  We will file a shipping damage claim for the cost of the repairs (or total replacement) but you will only be refunded those expenses if and when the shipping claim is accepted by the shipping company and we are given a reimbursement check.

5. I decided to cancel my order after it shipped... How is this handled?

If an order has been shipped out it cannot be canceled.  You can return the product by following the instructions in policy #1.  If you decide to refuse delivery of the product, this will be handled according to Policy #3 above.

6. I decided to cancel my order before it shipped... How is this handled?

If we are told to cancel an order before the product ships out we can do so at no expense to the customer.  However, we must be made aware of this via email or phone call, prior to the item shipping out.  If an item ships out before we are made aware of the customer's desire to cancel (even if you attempt contact during business hours and are unsuccessful), the situation will be handled based on the appropriate policy above. 

7. I provided the wrong shipping address... How is this handled?

If additional shipping expenses are incurred due to a customer providing an incorrect shipping address, those costs will be charged to the credit card used for the order and the customer will be made aware of this via email.  If this mistake was made by us or the shipping company, we will "eat" the extra shipping expenses and do our best to expedite the shipment to you.


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